1 in 7 Homeowners Past Due or in Foreclosure

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MBA Report: 1 in 7 Homeowners Past Due or in Foreclosure

RISMEDIA, August 30, 2010–One in seven homeowners is past due on their mortgage or in foreclosure, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association‘s latest report on home loan delinquencies. The report shows that mortgage delinquencies rose during the second quarter, and overall, one in seven borrowers is delinquent or in foreclosure. That’s up from one in eight a year ago and one in 11 two years ago. Although there was a dip in the share of homes in foreclosure, the report shows that the foreclosure epidemic continues, with millions of homes still at risk. 

This data comes on the heels of a report issued this week by the State Foreclosure Prevention Working Group* that shows over 60% of seriously delinquent borrowers are not getting any assistance at all from their mortgage servicing company. 

“Does it matter if we’re drowning a little bit less?” asked Julia Gordon of the Center for Responsible Lending, responding to the slight decline in foreclosures. “With millions of homeowners at risk and only a fraction of them receiving any help from their mortgage servicer, it’s time to implement mandatory measures to stop foreclosures and help the housing market recover. In fact, it’s past time.” 

* Link to State Working Group report: http://www.csbs.org/regulatory/Documents/SFPWG/DataReportAug2010.pdf 


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Long-Term Mortgage Rates Fall for the 9th Week

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Freddie Mac released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), and for yet another week, fixed-rate mortgages reached record lows, while the 5-year adjustable rate remained tied at its low for this survey. (The 30-year fixed-rate survey began in 1971, the 15-year began in 1991, and the 5-year adjustable in 2005.) The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.36 percent with an average 0.7 point for the week ending August 26, 2010, down from last week when it averaged 4.42 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 5.14 percent.

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Colorado foreclosure filings, sales drop in July in urban counties – Denver Business Journal

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Colorado foreclosure filings, sales drop in July in urban counties – Denver Business Journal.

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U.S. home resales plummet 27%; at lowest level in 15 years – Denver Business Journal

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U.S. home resales plummet 27%; at lowest level in 15 years – Denver Business Journal.

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Italian To Die For!

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Italian to Die for! That’s the slogan for Gaetano’s restaurant in Northwest Denver.  If you are a fan of the former HBO show The Soprano’s, the Godfather movies, or Al Pacino in Scarface, you’ll love the feel of this local treasure.  Opened by the Smaldone family in 1934, Gaetano’s still serves authentic northern Italian cuisine.  My husband and I had the pleasure of sharing a wine dinner at Gaetano’s with friends/former clients Ron & Deanna Robinson this week.  (See previous post about the fabulous food and wine.) Ron is the General Manager of the Wynkoop Brewery, one of the six restaurants which includes Gaetano’s owned by the Wynkoop family of restaurants; 

Pushing your way through the heavy bullet proof front door into the dark, moody bar/restaurant is like taking a step back in time.  You can just about imagine how the Feds used to photograph everyone who stopped by to see ‘Flip Flop’ Smaldone and his brothers ‘Chauncey’ & ‘Checkers.’  It was said the Smaldone’s were the bosses of a thriving mafia operation.  There was a large gambling operation and if you needed a loan, you could head downstairs to the Smaldone’s office and borrow from one of the brothers.  But if you didn’t pay your debts, rumor has it there was a meat saw down there that was used to TAKE what you owed them.  The story is that your family would be told you moved to Pueblo when in fact the pieces were fed to the hogs on the pig farms in Pueblo so no evidence remained!

It is great fun to surmise what kind of things went on within the walls of this restaurant during the Smaldone crime family’s days.  It is even more fun to enjoy the great food now put out by the current owners, the Wynkoop Family of Restaurants.  They have done a great job of keeping the spirit of Gaetano’s alive. 

Starting Friday night September 10, 2010 you can enjoy Gaetano’s and another legend of the past.  Frank Sinatra impersonator, Derek Evilsizor performs every other Friday night and it is said his show is a “must see.” 

You can bet I will be there sitting with ‘Strangers in the Night‘ hoping there is still a ‘Summer Wind.’  Why don’t you “Come Fly with Me” on September 10th and enjoy Italian to die for at Gaetano’s.

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A Denver day of good food and good company!

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–August 19, 2010

What does your perfect day look?  Good food? Good Books? Good friends? Good wine? Family?  Well today I was blessed to have all of those things. I started out the morning with a very fun client/friend looking for a property in a central Denver neighborhood under $200,000.  Now, let me tell you, when you get below $200,000 you never know what you are going to find. So we had a few giggles along with some surprises.  We found one place that was absolutely fabulous inside and horrible outside and one place that was cute outside and horrible inside. Suffice it to say, the search continues for her next home.

I took her on a tour of the changing streetscape along historic Colfax Avenue.  She hasn’t been around that area for decades and was surprised to see how nice much of it looked.  We browsed at Antiques Etc. on Colfax in the Mayfair neighborhood.   We continued on further west so I could show her where the Tattered Cover Independent Bookstore had relocated.  We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the on site restaurant, Encore on Colfax.  I selected the pulled chicken salad sandwich and Mary, my client/friend had the recommended BLT.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the food.  I mean, it was just a sandwich and fries and a Diet Coke (of course) but it was GOOD, really good!  We followed it up with a trip through the bookstore where, my client/friend, Mary declared that although it is no longer in Cherry Creek North, it is still the same old Tattered Cover she always loved.  She likes the comfy chairs and author’s gallery, the knowledgable staff and great selection.  Since she is a published author, her opinion carries a little more weight than the average Joe or Jill!  She is currently working on a new novel. Can’t wait to read it.  We stopped by the shelf marked ‘Future Best Sellers’ to envision where her novel will go.

Later in the afternoon I was able to spend time doing my favorite thing, hanging with my boys.  They just started school this week and are excited by their new teachers and classes and seeing old friends. Any day I get to spend time with them is a good day. My oldest is a freshman at Arapahoe High School in Littleton and my youngest is at Euclid Middle School.  I know that in a blink of an eye they will both be away at college and afternoons with them will be rare.  I treasure every minute I get with them now. Even when they are acting like typical teenagers!

The evening brought more pleasure.  My husband and I were invited to a wine dinner at Gaetano’s in NW Denver with friends and former clients (sold two of their houses and helped them buy one) Ron & Deanna Robinson.  Any evening with them is sure to bring lots of laughs and a good time.  And this was no exception.  Ron is the General Manager of the Wynkoop Brewery one of the other 6 restaurants owned by the same group that owns Gaetano’s.  The wine dinner is something held at Gaetano’s every few months and I highly recommend you put the next one on your calendar so you don’t miss it. It is scheduled for October 14th. 

Mario Scanu from Sardania, Italy was the wine host for our event and he and the excellent chefs at Gaetano’s, Ronda Banks and Sal Calo, paired the perfect wine with inspired dishes.  We started the evening with a chilled Italian White Gazpacho with Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2009. This soup was great.  I loved it.  It was a great texture and was served with a crunchy fresh vegetable crostini that was perfection.  Some thought the cold soup was too hot, as in spicy.  But I like a little bite in my food and I thought it was all perfect.

The pasta course really won me over.  I love me some risotto.  This was a green onion and tomato risotto  with a red wine reduction  paired with Zenato Valpolicella 2007.  Unfortunately, much as I adored the risotto, I disliked the wine.  No explanation.  Just didn’t like it. The others at my table didn’t favor it either I’m afraid. But I did hear others around us praising it. 

Then it was on the main event! The entrée’ was pan-seared fennel dusted Alaskan Halibut with sweet corn puree, basil vinaigrette and tomato chutney. The chefs told us all items (except the Alaskan Halibut, of course) were locally grown. This course, it was the wine I liked and not the dish.  Full disclosure, I just don’t like fish, at all. But my friend, Deanna, loves fish and raved about this dish. The wine on the other hand was excellent. All of us loved the wine. What does that say about us?  Yes, they paired the fish with red wine.  They were obviously feeling rebellious when they selected the Poggio al Tesoro Meditera (Syrah, Merlot.)  It went great with the tomato chutney(which I did like) 

Who doesn’t like dessert?  I practically licked the plate!  The white peach tart tatin was the perfect ending to a great meal.  I ate every last bite and drank every last drop of the Coppo Moscato d’Asti 2008 – Piemonte. There is nothing like Colorado Peaches. Mmmmm…  I’m making you hungry aren’t I?  Don’t forget, the next Wine Dinner at Gaetano’s is on October 14th, 2010.  Bring good friends.  It will be an evening to remember. Or not remember, if you drink too much wine. 😉

p.s More about the history of Gaetano’s in my next blog!  Don’t miss it.  It’s truly a Denver treasure!

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Denver luxury-home sales spike in June – Denver Business Journal

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It’s Happening!  The wealthy are starting to open their bank accounts and take advantage of the fabulous prices and record low interest rates to change homes, upgrade properties or just move!  Denver luxury-home sales spike in June – Denver Business Journal.  If you are interested in buying one of the fabulous luxury homes on the market, give me a call and I will be happy to help you through the process!  Jill Schafer, 5 Star Service 720-422-0950!

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Super 50’s Ranch in Denver’s Historic Montclair is For Sale

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I just listed a home in Denver’s Montclair neighborhood that is in impeccable condition.  I am amazed that a home built in 1952 is in such great shape.  The owners did all of the right things as far as keeping their home in good shape.  They replaced the concrete driveway on the north side of the home, put in new carpet and added a covered flagstone patio. They replaced the home’s systems when it was necessary and had them cleaned and maintained.  Did I mention it is in impeccable condition?

One of the greatest things about this home is all of the 50’s details that are still in place and like brand new.  It shows amazing pride of ownership.  I don’t see that with younger home owners very often.  But there is definately an age group that knows how to take care of things of value.  Take a look at the photos.  The built-in banquette is charming and don’t miss the custom painted PINK refrigerator! It is obvious this home was well loved.

I just need to find a new owner for it.  Someone who will appreciate a solid home and find the 50’s decor charming.  Whoever buys it will get a great home with a very high walk score. 

Check out the photos http://homesite.obeo.com/574753.

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For Sale: 3BR/3BA Townhouse in Aurora, CO, $225,000

October 29, 2009 at 7:44 pm (Listings)

This will go into the MLS on  November 3rd.  Let me know if you are inerested in seeing this fabulous maintenance-free patio home.  720-422-0950

For Sale: 3BR/3BA Townhouse in Aurora, CO, $225,000.

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Denver-area’s tiniest houses up in value since a year ago – The Denver Post

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Denver-area’s tiniest houses up in value since a year ago – The Denver Post

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