Just Jill’s Blog is a running commentary of my opinions, activities and observations.  I am a Realtor in Denver who has helped many people find their dream home here.  I also help my clients prepare their homes so they will get the highest return on their investment by recommending upgrades and improvements and staging so it appeals to the widest array of buyers. I have extensive experience in new construction, especially Denver scrape and build projects. I mainly work south of I-70 and since my clients most often come to me through referral, I have experience in many Denver metro neighborhoods.  I live in the Observatory Park neighborhood, near the University of Denver but spent 10 years living in Littleton and know the southern suburbs as well as the urban neighborhoods.

 I am the mother of two boys who constantly challenge and delight me as they make their way through adolescence. I am married to such a great guy that if I could clone him and sell the clones on EBAY I could give Oprah a run on the richest woman list. Being surrounded by testosterone is a blessing and a struggle.  My boys (and I count my husband in that group) are direct, insightful, caring and smart.  But they are also boys with minds focused on all boy things.  They love action movies, guns, war history, sports (actually, competition of any kind), animals and all things masculine.  I have to remind them that there is still a girl in the house ( and no, the cat doesn’t count), she thinks she is a teenage boy. 

So my blog may cover what I am seeing in the Denver real estate market or on being a mother of boys.  Life is good.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have struggles.  My oldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 10.  I am a passionate advocate of research to find a cure and feel we will have one soon.  My youngest is a little more like me than I would like to see.  He is a finicky eater who questions everything and wants everyone to like him.  I can relate! They make my life worth living and add a depth and richness I never knew I was missing until I had them. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Feel free to comment.  Remember, I want everyone to like me, so be gentle 😉


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