You won’t believe what I’ve been seeing lately!

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It seems as if I have been fixated on our fabulous views in the Denver metro area lately. My out of state relocation buyers sent me on the hunt for a home with great views and since then I have been finding them everywhere and in every price range! Even after they headed home to work on selling their home, I keep seeing the view! 


View from the penthouse unit at The Pinnacle at City Park

View from the penthouse unit at The Pinnacle at City Park

Probably the most breathtaking image of our beautiful Rocky Mountains was this one from a penthouse unit at


The Pinnacle at City Park.  It’s a luxury complex with 5 Star amenities including an onsite gym, outdoor pool, fire pit, media rooms, bars for group entertaining, wine cellar and a secured building.  This penthouse unit is priced at $2.5 millionish with $250,000 to build it out because it’s a completely empty shell waiting for your personal touch.  This is the view to the west looking out the two story windows. On the north side, you will see panoramic City Park and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Another agent who toured with me said she thought maybe it was vertigo or something but her heart raced when she walked through the doors and looked out the windows.  She wasn’t sure if it was the intensity of being so high, vertigo or that the view was just so breathtaking!  This new home is ready for someone at the top of their game who wants to take a deep breath and live, because life at the top of the Pinnacle would be really living.

I was shown an almost as breathtaking view a few days later for someone at a different stage in life. A former relocation client and now friend invited me for lunch at her place of employment, The Heritage Club- Brookdale Senior Living Center at 2020 S. Monroe in Denver. Jeanne Barnard hosted me and the lender who worked on her home purchase more than 3 and a half years ago (now that says something that we are all still friends!)  After a great meal in their beautiful dining room, Jeanne gave me a quick tour of some of the units they have available for lease.  They usually have a waiting list but due to our changing economy they have a few larger units available. The one she showed me with the fabulous view normally leases for $6,000 but is being offered at a discount.  That price includes many amenities that allow seniors to have active independent lives.  At Heritage club you can enjoy the gorgeous view in this private apartment or join with other seniors in the many activities provided including the game room, library, fitness center & club room. This is an fantastic place to enjoy the view during the sunset of your life.

The third home I enjoyed a great view of our Rocky Mountains was in Reunion at Commerce City.  I am working with the nicest family that I met at an open house last year.  We went through their home in 2008 to make a list of things to turn their property into a 5 Star Home and improve its sellability.  A little work and a small amount of money and the changes made a big difference.  The showings on their home tell me we are right on track and we will hopefully have a contract soon!  They are hoping to move closer to their jobs and get a newer, larger home for less money. And yes, it’s possible! Reunion is one of those neighborhoods that’s been hit by the foreclosure/short sale tornado that is swirling through the metro area. In some sections, the builders have gone out of business, in others the value has dipped below what is owed.  But these are still beautiful homes in a very nicely planned community with a pool and parks and paths and VIEWS!  The home they liked the best may not have quite the panoramic breathtaking views that you’ll find at the Pinnacle or the Heritage Club.  But for just over $200,000 they can get 4 beds, 3 baths and 2400+ square feet. Plus a view of the mountains out smaller windows at the front of the house every time they go up and down the steps.  And when your life is busy chasing after kids and dogs and working hard all you have time for is catching a glimpse while running up and down the stairs.  But when that view is framed by a window in your own new home.  It can be just as breathtaking!  May your days be filled with beautiful views.


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