What do people want when they move to the Denver area?

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Views, Views, Views!

I love working with buyers who are moving to the Denver area.  You need to be a little bit tour guide, historian, school expert and so much more but it is always fun to make new friends and show off our city.  Relocation buyers often have to adjust their expectations once they get here.  Many come to town hoping for a Colorado type home.  Something with a rugged feel  to the land with big pine trees, lots of space and amazing views of the moutains.  They want all of that and they want to be close to work, good schools, restaurants and shops.  What many find is developments with small  lots and what I have heard them refer to as ‘garage houses.’  They struggle the first few days to adjust to how close the houses are to the street and our prices.  Many have a difficult time wrapping their minds around what you get for your money even though you can get more now than before.

Our gorgeous mountain views

Our gorgeous mountain views

They almost always ask for the same things; views of the mountains, a large lot,  a newer or ‘feels like new’ home. Many people come here with an idea of what living in Denver looks like and are surprised to find that it is in fact a relatively flat city in an arid climate and that you have to head to the west into the foothills to find that Colorado feel they have imagined.  Which isn’t all bad, but it isn’t usually a 10-15 minutes drive from where they work and once you have that landscape, you are in the mountains and no longer have the mountain view!  They also have to adjust to what it costs to get that mountain view!
               Getting used to the ‘garage house’ look is a little tougher which is why side load garages and neighborhoods with homes that have more street presence seem to hold their value or appreciate better.  Curb appeal does matter!
               There is a reason developers charge more for those larger lots or lots that back to open space and greenbelts,  they are more desireable and that is the case for resale as well.  So why does everyone want the bigger yards? It surely isn’t because we all love yard work!  My latest buyers kept saying they wanted  ‘elbow room.’  The other term I hear is ‘privacy’.  So even people buying lofts and townhomes with no yard want the unit that gives them the most privacy.  Buyers like the end units and the top floor units. Or with single family homes if the yards are smaller, buyers want the ones with the trees that give them a feel of their own space instead of the one that looks into 5 different yards. 
                        And the buyers are coming!  It is estimated we will have an additional million people in the metro area within the next 12 years. Click here to find out more about our current population and what is predicted in years ahead. http://www.metrodenver.org/demographics-communities/demographics/population.html   Do  you blame them for coming?  Our weather is fabulous, our schools are great, our people are friendly, we have every sporting team you could want to cheer for and we have some of the best outdoor recreation in the world!  If you look up quality of life in the online dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised if you would find a link to the Denver Chamber of Commerce.  And no I have not switched careers and I don’t work for them, I just love living here!   Even if you are looking to stay here and are just moving from one neighborhood to another or within the same neighborhood, it pays to keep our relocation buyers in mind when considering homes. Their requests are often the things that give the best return on investment when you go to sell your home.  If you are thinking of buying or selling, give me a call (720-422-0950) and I will make sure we consider future investment when shopping for your next dream home.


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